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Information about the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund application is available below. For more information about our programs, visit

If you encounter any issues with the application process, please email

APPLICATIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED the next application round will start in August 


  • Click Sign Up button to create a new account (you will need to verify your account via email).
  • All teams must identify a primary contact (must be an MIT student).
  • All team members will be able to register, view, and edit the application once the primary contact links their account to the application.
  • Follow the application workflow and read all instructions. Add team members (if applicable) in the section at the bottom right.


Levels of funding and support

  • Up to $1K (+ mentoring + tailored educational content)
  • Up to $5K (+ mentoring + tailored educational content)
  • Up to $25K, including (Note that the Summer funding round is only up to $5K, the next up to $25K round will be in the fall) 
    • Proposals to Funding Board
    • Funding to milestones + mentoring + educational content
    • Maximum funds throughout the lifetime of one project is $25K


  • A team must have at least one full-time MIT student in a leadership role.
  • All students on a team must be in good academic standing.
  • Teams can have undergraduate or graduate students from any department at MIT. Teams can also have non-student and non-MIT members
  • Your idea must be for the purpose of creating a new business—for-profit or not-for-profit
  • If the idea came from MIT-sponsored research, you must get TLO sign-off
  • Teams must disclose other sources of funding. Prior or concurrent funding is acceptable below $50K total